Whitingsystems, Bus and Truck Washes

Whitingsystems, Bus and Truck Washes

N & S Services are the exclusive partners to whiting truck, bus and train washes system in the UK, these include 3 brush rollover truck washes, touchless truck washing and bus washing.

The Whiting brand is a global leader in fleet washing equipment based in the USA and partnered with N&S Services in 2018. N & S Services understand the pressures of maintaining the appearance of your fleet but also understand that it’s not all about bells and whistles it’s about quality, reliability and serviceability of the equipment.

The whiting products are the best in market with fully stainless-steel frames designed to last 20 years+, with this comes durability, superior manufacturing and quality so you know it’s built to last rather than a “carwash on steroids”.

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Bus Wash

If you’re in the transportation industry, we invite you to discover our Whiting Systems inc bus wash systems – state-of-the-art products built with affordability and efficiency in mind. Our manufacturing facility utilizes unyielding stainless steel frames coupled with cutting edge technology to make sure any coach, public transit or school bus fleet receives a custom washed solution that’s tailored precisely for them.

Truck Wash

A revolutionary truck wash that can be used to clean large vehicles such as trucks & coaches. It features an advanced design which combines the great power of touchless high-pressure washing with the cost efficiency of three-brush rollover washing. Leveraging current sensing electronics, our systems are designed to detect contours and adjust accordingly for mirrors and visors.