Touchless Car Dryer Systems

Touchless Car Dryer Systems

N & S Services are partners with the Premier dryer company who are a family-owned company based in the USA. Premier supplies the automated carwash and hand wash companies with high performance quality equipment designed to last the rigors of nature.

The dryer system are constructed from corrosion free material, aluminium frame, aluminium impellers, superior plastic moulded cowlings with high performance motors designed to last, they also have the option of designed front and rear fascia artwork to suit site branding. There are numerous options available but rest assured they outperforms other driers in the UK market.  The dryer is supplied with automated control to include VFD (variable frequency drive) to minimise the electrical power consumption, maximising the motor speed and allowing the impeller to reach full speed in less time.

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Prioritse our Customers

At N&S Services, we prioritise our customers and their success. Whether it’s creating the perfect drying system for your project or providing you with great products and service at a competitive price.  Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to delivering an enjoyable, profitable experience every time. So if you’re searching for exceptional quality in terms of design, private labeling or dryer performance. We are here to provide you with the best possible answers tailored specifically to suit any setup.

How it works?

The touchless car dryer system works by positioning your vehicle inside the machine’s cabin. Once you have done this, the touchless dryer will start to blow dry air onto the car from multiple directions. This process is effective in drying the car quickly and efficiently, without any need for manual touch or scrubbing. It is also gentle on delicate items such as windows and mirrors.