Commercial Car Wash Systems for Sale

Commercial Car Wash Systems for Sale

N&S Services is the proud supplier of all your commercial car wash needs. We excel in providing quality service to the car wash industry, especially when it comes to commercial car wash expectations. With commercial needs, we understand that you require cost-effective services, professional support, and a superior service every single time to ensure your commercial vehicles always look their best, requiring systems that can enable that.


Our High Level of Products for Your Commercial Car Wash System Needs

Our mission is to always provide and maintain high levels of standards. This includes selling high-quality products, as well as providing excellent maintenance, installation, and breakdown services for commercial car wash systems.

We are the number one independent national vehicle washing company in the UK, with our dedicated engineers based in the UK, too!


We Support the Success of Your Car Wash Business

We know that the success of a commercial car wash will come down to the reliability of equipment and service. We’re here to make sure you never have to worry about that. We supply car wash equipment for every need, from touchless dryer systems to truck and bus wash. In addition to our high-quality equipment, you can ensure the success of your commercial cash wash by taking advantage of our easy maintenance and installation support, too.

The Commercial Car Wash Experts

With N&S Services, you can expect a supply of new to market automatic washing equipment. All our equipment and services are designed around your specific requirements. This includes self-service washbay systems and rollover car and commercial wash systems, all designed around whatever our customer needs.

Our equipment is sourced from Europe or the USA. This means we can provide all our customers with an extensive range of options to choose from.


A Professional Finish for Your Commercial Vehicle

You can always rely on our professional cleaning equipment to have your commercial vehicles looking as good as new. We know you take pride in the appearance of your commercial vehicles, and we take pride in providing commercial car wash equipment that can enable you to do that. The condition and cleanliness of your vehicles reflect your standards of commercial business, so we want to make sure you never have to worry about commercial car wash systems for sale being hard to source.

We also understand that the cleanliness of commercial vehicles is an ongoing need. With larger vehicles like trucks completing a high mileage every single day, you need car wash supplies you can count on for durability and easy maintenance.

We’re here to support your commercial car wash needs, whether that’s a small number of commercial cars or a huge fleet of trucks and vehicles.

Call the team on 01202 820100 to find the pricing option that suits you best!

The Services and Equipment We Offer

All our products are provided to the very best standard.

Our services and equipment for commercial car wash systems include:

  • Touchless washing
  • Truck and bus wash
  • Chemical supply
  • Adriateh self-service systems and equipment
  • Self-service washbay
  • Rollover car and commercial wash systems
  • Touchless dryer systems
  • Maintenance and installation