Automatic Car Wash Machines

Automatic Car Wash Machines

N&S Services are the UK’s leading supplier of Automatic Car Wash Machines. Our machines are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers, and we supply machines from some of the world’s leading manufacturers. We have a wide range of machines to choose from; In addition, our team is always on hand to help you find the perfect machine for your business.

These systems, which are brand-new to the market, are entirely touch-free and vehicle-safe, resulting in a clean, spot-free, dry vehicle with a full internet connection for monitoring purposes. Above all these systems are fast, highly dependable, safe, and lucrative for your company. (wash volume revenue generally grows by 200%)


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Additional Terms for Automatic Car Wash Machines

There are several names and phrases to describe any product. This isn’t any different with automatic car wash machines; please see the list below for the various terms employed in the business.


  • Drive through car wash machine
  • Self-service car wash machine
  • Car washing machine
  • Touchless car wash machine


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Car Wash Machine Price Options

N&S Services have two different pricing options to buy outright and profit share for the automatic car wash machines to suit your business requirements. N&S Services’ team of experts will ensure you get the right N&S Services machines for your business at a price that keeps your company’s finances in check.

Whether you need a compact car wash or something more substantial, N&S Services can supply your company with the appropriate solution. As a result, we offer a variety of prices for our N&S Services automatic car wash machines, so you get the best price. N&S Services include maintenance and warranty in all our N&S Car Wash Machines to keep your N&S Services up and running.

  • Buy outright – Buying outright gives you the machine straight away, and therefore you are the full owner of it.
  • Profit share – Profit share means N&S Services own the machine, so you would just pay a fixed percentage of the revenue generated by the machine.


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Washworld Inc

Our Automatic Car Washing Machine USA Supplier

Washworld brings a new in-bay automatic vehicle wash to the line-up with the Razor EDGE (Enhanced Design Global Experience). Meet the perfect combination of speed and user experience in car wash technology. The Razor EDGE is equipped with reliable Razor car wash components plus an intense customer experience array, featuring three new elements: HyperFlex, LumenArch, and SpectraRay.

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For more information on Washworld’s machines visit their website today.